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Candlewick Press Presents is an audio podcast about the storytellers behind your favorite children’s books!

Jan 24, 2023

Janet Costa Bates, author of Time for Bed, Old House and Rica Baptista: Llamas, Iguanas, and My Very Best Friend, talks to Candlewick Press about her childhood reading experiences, her “quilting” writing method, and her path to publication.

Episode Show Notes:

Nov 9, 2022

Chris Van Dusen, illustrator of the Mercy Watson books and author-illustrator of Hattie & Hudson, The Circus Ship, Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit, and Big Truck, Little Island, talks to Candlewick Press about his childhood, his work for children’s media giants like Nickelodeon, and his art outside of the world of kid...

Additional show notes for our podcast with Flavia Z. Drago

Aug 3, 2022

Aug 3, 2022

Flavia Z. Drago, author-illustrator of Gustavo, the Shy Ghost, Leila, the Perfect Witch, Monsters Play... Counting!, and Monsters Play... Peekaboo! talks to Candlewick Press about her childhood, what it means to have the support of her family, and her love of monsters and spooky things.

Additional show notes for our podcast with Lindsay Eagar

Jul 6, 2022

  • Lindsay talks to the Cracking the Cover blog about her childhood.
  • Lindsay talks to the Literary Rambles blog about the fairy tale retellings, plays, and ballets that she wrote when she was a child.
  • Lindsay shares her publication journey on The Story of the Book, a podcast hosted by Lindsay and author Hayley...